Friends, épisode 3

Une autre petite marche sur mon tapis roulant et un autre épisode de Friends.

«The One With The Thumb» Monica is reluctant to introduce her new boyfriend, Alan, to her friends because they’ve mocked all of the boyfriend they’ve met before. To her surprise, they love Alan. However, she realizes she doesn’t feel a spark with Alan and breaks up with him. Her friends take the news very hard, but Alan is relieved (since he couldn’t stand her friends). Chandler resumes his smoking habit. Phoebe encounters a problem with her bank account, when a bank error in her favor nets her $1,000. She gives the money (and a complementary football phone) away to a homeless friend, who in turn buys her a soda. When Phoebe opens it, she sees a thumb, so the soda company gives her $7,000.

C’est l’introduction qui est craquante dans cet épisode !

Ici pour Friends, épisode 4


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